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VA Assistance After that Degree!

Four years college at a local Orlando college ranges from UCF’s 2012/2013 SY of $16,693.00, UF’s fees up to $21,000.00 for undergrad on/off campus. Most students depend on financial aid while others rely on having their parents or other family members pay for their college.

Veterans and their dependents that have the education benefits are needing of any assistance considering not all fees can be covered by the VA, and it can run out before reaching your educational goals. So, once you’ve finished that degree, you still have fees to succumb.

Let’s face it, paying for a state certification exam or any licensing exam can be costly. The state nursing exam is close to $400.00, architects up to $1500.00 or more, CPA examination fees and registrations fees, things just add up.

Have no fear! As of July 2013, the Florida Department of Veteran’s Affairs can reimburse you these fees up to $2,000.00! Granted, it’s not an up-front payment for these exams and/or registrations, but it will definitely put back the money spent back into your pocket to assist with jump-starting a new career!

To get a head start on this incredible opportunity, visit

Good Luck!

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