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V8s and motorcycles

A perfect example of a wild Boss Hoss motorcycle, classic fighter jet themed.
A perfect example of a wild Boss Hoss motorcycle, classic fighter jet themed.
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More power is rarely bad. Saying no to more power is like saying you would rather take out the trash instead of watch your favorite series on Netflix. It's absurd. That's exactly the mentality Boss Hoss Cycles had when they decided to stuff big v8 engines into motorcycle and trike frames.

Monte Warne founded Boss Hoss in 1990 out of northeast Tennessee, in the small city of Dyersburg. The idea caught on and Boss Hoss quickly became known as a brand: the v8 motorcycle. Every motorcycle enthusiast can remember the first time they saw and heard a Boss Hoss cruising down the road. It is truly an epic experience.

Each motorcycle or trike is powered by a GM engine, either a small-block or big-block, depending on the model. Horsepower ranging all the way up to 500. Semi-automatic transmissions are mated with the engine to make the Boss Hoss easier to drive.

Today, Boss Hoss produces seven models: LS445 Bike, LS300 Bike, Gangsta Trike, Coupe Trike, LS3 Bike, LS3 SS Bike and LS3 trike. An array of optional features are also available.

Those shopping for used motorcycles can find models on websites like CycleTrader, with prices ranging from $85,000 for a 502 cubic inch monster to $17,000 for a "smaller" ZZ4. As used prices and limited production numbers indicate, Boss Hoss motorcycles are an investment that can be enjoyed.

Even though Boss Hoss motorcycles are still being produced today, they have become a classic because of their originality and because Warne's crew is able produce high quality wild motorcycles. Owning a Boss Hoss should be on every bucket list of motorcycles to own.

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