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V. Stiviano won't cooperate: NBA Commissioner says V. Stiviano not helping case

V. Stiviano won't cooperate with the NBA Commissioner's investigation in regard to Donald Sterling and his racist comments caught on tape. According to NewsOXY, the Los Angeles Clippers owner is in hot water after a tape of him making very inappropriate remarks while talking to his girlfriend (Stiviano) surfaced.

"Shelly Sterling claims in her lawsuit Stiviano embezzled $1.8 million by scheming to get as much as she could from an old man -- Donald Sterling. Stiviano claims everything she got was a gift," reports TMZ. Naturally Sterling could be removed as owner of the Clippers pending this investigation -- but Stiviano could be a key player in that move.

V. Stiviano won't cooperate with the NBA but her decision to stay quiet reportedly has nothing to do with the tape. According to her attorney, anything that his client says to NBC Commissioner Adam Silver could affect the outcome of the lawsuit brought against her by Sterling's estranged wife. In many ways this is a smart idea but in order for the NBA to complete their investigation, they really need to talk with Stiviano -- and they will likely make that happen.

Stiviano's attorney says that if the NBA agrees to certain terms (major limitations during the questioning), he might allow his client to sit down and talk. However, that's not where he's focusing his attention right now.

More on why V. Stiviano won't cooperate with the NBA in the video above. Also, TMZ has just released audio tape in which you can hear Sterling making racist comments.

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