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V. Stiviano to join 'Basketball Wives' rumors: Check out what Shaunie says

V. Stiviano has been enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame since the Donald Sterling scandal broke. It wouldn't be too far fetched for a reality TV show like "Basketball Wives" to pick up the disgraced side piece. TMZ asked Shaunie O'Neal about the possibility of V. Stiviano coming to her reality series on Wednesday and this is what went down.

V. Stiviano on "Basketball Wives"? Say it's not so!
V. Stiviano/Instagram

Stiviano isn't exactly a basketball wife. Matter of fact, right now she's fighting rumors that she is nothing more than an escort or a prostitute. After the Barbara Walters interview where Donald Sterling's mistress insists she was nothing more than a personal assistant, her credibility has sunk to an all-time low. With her fifteen minutes of fame coming to a close soon, Stiviano would surely benefit from a stint on a popular reality TV show. Odds are that she wouldn't turn it down either.

Now cut to Shaunie O'Neal, executive producer of the "Basketball Wives" franchise. When asked by TMZ if she would have V. Stiviano on "Basketball Wives" she laughed out loud. Then she must have thought about the ratings because she got real elusive. After admitting that she hadn't asked Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa to become a cast member on her VH1 series, she didn't say no when asked if Stiviano might ever join.

Now Stiviano is far from a housewife but that wouldn't stop her from being cast. Draya Michele isn't a wife either (yet.) Sundy Carter isn't either and she is relevant to the show only because she has a child with married NBA baller Larry Hughes. Many spent the last season of "Basketball Wives LA" questioning Sundy's right to criticize anyone considering she is just the "other woman."

In that case, V. Stiviano would fit in perfectly. She already lives in Los Angeles and might fit in with Jackie Christie and Sundy Carter quite nicely. All three of them can be quite delusional and Stiviano's thirst for attention pretty much guarantees she will pull stunts simply for ratings.

What do you think of adding V. Stiviano to one of the "Basketball Wives" shows? Would it be worth watching or is she getting boring already? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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