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V. Stiviano tells Barbara Walters on NBC 6 relationships to Donald Sterling

You probably know by now that Donald Sterling, Clippers owner, has been banned from the NBA and given a hefty fine for saying racist remarks.

Well Friday, Barbara Walters interviewed V. Stiviano, supposedly Donald Sterling's mistress/girlfriend, and she explained to Walters her many relationships she has with him. Also, find out in this article if she thinks he's racist.

First though, the relationship Stiviano has with Sterling is quite odd and confusing. They have been seen together frequently and he gives her money "off the books," so she says. So what did Stiviano answer when Walters asked what is she to Sterling:

  1. I am his right hand arm man
  2. Confidant
  3. Silly rabbit
  4. I'm his everything
  5. Personal assistant
  6. And the last description was most surprising when Stiviano said, "like a father."

Barbara Walters did ask, "Are you in love with Donald Sterling.?" And her reply "I love him like a father figure." With that said, it makes sense that Viviano does not believe Sterling is a racist. However, V. believes that he should apologize.

The scandal continues to unfold.

Do you think there is even more shocking news to come out on this matter?

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