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V. Stiviano paternity tests? Report hints Donald Sterling could have love child

V. Stiviano hints there is more than just money in new scandal allegation
V. Stiviano hints there is more than just money in new scandal allegation
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

V. Stiviano has brought a whole new frenzy to the world surrounding the Los Angeles Clippers and Donald Sterling, but it has nothing to do with basketball. According to Fox News on Monday, the woman in the middle of the Donald Sterling scandal is hinting there might be a love child involved as she posted a picture on Instagram with a phone number to a paternity testing company. The baby daddy allegation offers up another angle of the ongoing issues surrounding V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling.

Before putting too much stock in the idea, it’s safe to say that people are very skeptical. First Coast News is reporting that V. Stiviano is trying desperately to extend her 15 minutes of fame. However, even if that were true, it wouldn't take a picture of a child posted on Instagram to have an impact on the issues surrounding Donald Sterling.

In March, Sterling's estranged wife, Rochelle, sued V. Stiviano looking for the return of $2.5 million dollars worth of items. Alleging the items were without her permission and part mutual property, the lawsuit is slowly making the way through the court system. While both sides have been highlighted in the news, fans of the Clippers are more worried about the upcoming season.

Rochelle Sterling is also in a legal battle with Donald Sterling as the two try to sell (or not sell) the Los Angeles Clippers. The ownership feud has everyone wondering what will happen before the new NBA season. And can this situation be resolved without more surprises (like an alleged baby daddy scenario) coming out.

Does this new information regarding a paternity test mean that Donald Sterling has a kid he hasn't mentioned? Well if you believe the hints that V. Stiviano has dropped online, that would be allegedly true. Then again, when it comes to the entire situation surrounding this scandal, nothing seems concrete as everything seems almost too bizarre to be true.