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V. Stiviano interview with Barbara Walters: 'Donald Sterling is not a racist'

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In what was one of the most bizarre Barbara Walters interviews, V. Stiviano defended Donald Sterling and insists the disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner is not a racist. This is the first televised appearance for Stiviano since the Donald Sterling scandal broke and it's not surprising that Walters got the interview. On Friday, ABC News reported that Stiviano thinks Sterling is "traumatized" by the leaked audio tape full of his racist rants.

V. Stiviano calls herself Sterling's "confidant, his best friend, his silly rabbit." His wife thinks V. Stiviano is the seductress that has milked an old man for millions. Right now she is the only person defending the racist remarks that she bated him to say and recorded. It is unknown if V. Stiviano is the person who leaked that recording to TMZ but it looks pretty likely.

So why is Stiviano continuing to defend the man she helped destroy? Whether she leaked those recordings or not, she made them and kept them. She admits that she loves the man but is not "in love." She calls him a father figure and says that he is hurt and alone right now amid the racism controversy that will inevitably lose him the team.

V. Stiviano argues that Donald Sterling isn't racist despite the things he has said. She said he has shown the world he is not racist because of the things he does for others. It's unclear what things though because he has been sued for racial discrimination multiple times. Multiple Los Angeles Clippers players have complained about the way he treats players and coaches.

The interview between Stiviano and Barbara Walters is odd. She admits that Sterling pays her "off the books" and calls herself his wing man. She won't admit to having a romantic relationship with the Sterling though. That is completely contradictory to the things heard on the audio when she makes a statement about Sterling being in love with her. She says that the other people surrounding Sterling didn't like her, not because she was his mistress but because they were jealous of her.

On the other hand, Donald Sterling has been mostly silent in the wake of the Los Angeles Clippers scandal. He has made a statement though to DuJour. In a concise and telling quote, Sterling told the magazine, "I wish I had just paid her off." That sums it all up right there.