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V. Stiviano Instagram private? Woman in LA Clippers scandal shuts down her site

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling
Photo by Ronald Martinez

Looking to check out the V. Stiviano Instagram? The woman at the center of the controversy around the LA Clippers and the alleged remarks of the team’s owner, Donald Sterling have fans curious to her relationship in the scandal. People who haven’t seen it yet might not get the chance as it has been marked private and has been shut off to the public. Plus the website listed for the woman has been taken down as well. According to The Washington Post on Sunday, the issue of what she posted on this account allegedly had Donald Sterling setting boundaries.

The Los Angeles Clippers team’s owner, Donald Sterling, allegedly told his girlfriend not to bring blacks to “his games.” The tape recording also criticized her for posting an Instagram with Magic Johnson, a famous celebrity both in the sports world and in Hollywood too.

Who is V. Stiviano? Well, it is reported that Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano have been together for much of the last four years. The couple apparently met at the 2010 Super Bowl. Seen at different games around the league, the pair could have been seen court side at any basketball game.

The tapes and the alleged recording has caused ripples of anger in Los Angeles. Fan are threatening to boycott the games and the NBA announced Saturday morning that it is looking into the matter. What has people most concerned about the situation is how this can be rectified. Of course before that even happens, the comments made on tape have to be confirmed to be from the team owner and his side of the story definitely should be heard.

The offensive tone of the comments has people weighing in around the country. CBS News is reporting that President Barack Obama on Sunday described comments reportedly made by the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers "incredibly offensive racist statements." And Magic Johnson has weighed in as well suggesting he will not go to another Clippers game until the owner has been removed from the team.