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V. Stiviano Instagram pic with Magic Johnson sparks Donald Sterling tirade

V. Stiviano and her Instagram page is the topic of much conversation on April 26, hours after TMZ broke the news containing an explosive conversation between her and her famous boyfriend, Clippers owner Donald Sterling, during which he made disparaging remarks about African Americans.

V Stiviano Instagram pic with Magic Johnson sparks Donald Sterling tirade
V Stiviano Instagram

The Instagram page listed as belonging to V. Stiviano has reportedly been scrubbed clean of the offending photo showing her with Magic Johnson, the incident that sparked the melee.

Among the most explosive accusations that can be heard in the audio of the conversation include Sterling berating his girlfriend, asking, "Why are you taking pictures with minorities? Why?"

V. Stiviano can be heard pleading her case against an old school boyfriend who claims to have a love for black people but doesn't want his girlfriend flaunting her relationship or fondness or admiration for people of color on social media. Interacting in private is fine, he states.

When she asks if it would've been better if she'd snapped a photo with Larry Bird, Sterling bristles at her comments, but goes on to further incriminate his belief system by telling his girlfriend she's supposed to act like a delicate white girl or Latina and not make her pics with blacks public.

"Why publicize it on the Instagram and why bring it to the games?" he asks, incurring the humorous wrath of younger people who find it hilarious the way older folks tend to turn terms like Google into "the Google" and pluralize social media in the way Sterling calls it "the Instagrams," instead of IG or another common nickname.

"Maybe you're stupid," he insults, giving her the edict to love black people privately. Meanwhile, V. Stiviano can be heard passionately telling her boyfriend that she's a woman of mixed race, including having black blood flowing through her veins. She asks him if he wants her to change the color of her skin in the popular video that is sure to have plenty of fallout for the Clippers' franchise now that the racial epitaph cat has been let out of the bag.

It isn't the first time that Sterling has been at the center of controversy. His estranged wife, Rochelle Sterling, previously filed a lawsuit against V. Stiviano, who is also known as Vanessa Perez, Monica Gallegos and Maria Valdez, alleging that Stiviano reportedly met Sterling in February 2010 and began a sexually adulterous affair with the high-profile man.

Meanwhile, this pop culture reporter has just joined the ranks of thousands of others who no doubt recently requested the access to follow Stiviano on Instagram, because her account is set to private status.

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