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V. Stiviano Instagram photo with Magic Johnson, Matt Kemp hits web - book buzz

V. Stiviano Instagram photo with Magic Johnson, Matt Kemp hits web with book deal buzz
V. Stiviano Instagram photo

The Donald Sterling controversy shows no signs of slowing down on April 28, with new reports from TMZ alleging that V. Stiviano not only may be entertaining a book deal and courting publishers such as Random House and Simon & Schuster to publish her memoirs, but also that the ex-girlfriend of the L.A. Clippers owner has plenty more audio than the short clips posted on TMZ and Deadspin recently.

In fact, V. Stiviano reportedly has more than 100 hours of potentially damaging evidence against the man whose team staged their own silent protest on Sunday by turning their red t-shirts inside out, effectively hiding the Clippers logo.

Until recently, the public wasn’t made privy to the Instagram photos that acted as a catalyst to the whole melee, however that has now changed. The much-discussed photo of Stiviano with Magic Johnson and another with Matt Kemp – both of which have been removed from her Instagram account – were also released by TMZ.

Stiviano can be seen in two photos on the celebrity website, one posing with Johnson and her friend, and another with Kemp alone. New extended audio released by reveals a 5-minute and 41-second long recording of a woman reported to be Stiviano discussing the photos with African-Americans.

"If it makes you happy, I will remove all the black people from my Instagram," the woman’s voice can be heard saying, after she claims she’s already removed random photos of black people, but left the two photos with famous African-Americans taken months ago but only recently posted because she thought that would be okay with her boyfriend.

"I didn't remove Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson. But I thought Matt Kemp was mixed, so he's okay. He's lighter, whiter than me," the woman says.

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