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V. Stiviano Instagram page goes public, gains nearly 10K followers in hours

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Talk about someone who knows how to make the most out of controversy. Instead of V. Stiviano – the girlfriend of Donald Sterling – going the route of those who usually react to controversy by deleting their social media accounts, Stiviano has now made her Instagram account public on April 26.

Earlier on Saturday, when this pop culture reporter published the article titled, “V. Stiviano Instagram pic with Magic Johnson sparks Donald Sterling tirade,” I took a screenshot of the Instagram page of Stiviano in its previous state, which showed the user was private.

Now, however, the woman at the center of an argument that has launched an NBA probe and nearly caused the Clippers to boycott their Warriors game has made her account public for all the world to see her in her selfie-loving glory.

The question is: Where are the imprints of the photo with Magic Johnson that so offended Sterling that he launched into the alleged racist rant that has him in so much hot water today?

From her first Instagram photo posted 13 months ago, with Stiviano asking of friends, “Where are they when you need them?” to the photo of Akon three weeks ago in the Staples Center (sans Stiviano) to the photo posted 22 hours ago now collecting comments aplenty on Instagram, Stiviano’s feed shows nary a photo of Magic Johnson in the lot of pics of the beauty. Indeed, the reports that claim it was deleted must've been true.

Stivianio's Instagram following has grown, however, from the 114,564 followers she had hours ago to the 121,856 followers she now enjoys. Expect that following to grow greatly as more news of this controversy continues, and folks who haven’t yet jumped on IG now set up their accounts and make Stiviano the first person they begin to follow.

Meanwhile, reports of Sterling’s family claiming his girlfriend released the racist audio argument due to an act of vengeance to their $1.8 million embezzlement claims are also heating up the “Interwebs” – but not as much as her Instagram account.