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V. Stiviano age, Instagram mirror visor photo, real name, plastic surgery buzz

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Even though most of the world knows Donald Sterling’s estranged girlfriend as V. Stiviano, most don’t know that the “V” stands for “Vanessa,” and the answers to other curious questions peppering into Google on April 29, such as her age, real name, whether or not she’s had plastic surgery – and most importantly, “What’s up with that big mirrored visor Stiviano has been wearing lately?”

First off, the Instagram photo on Stiviano’s account, tagged with a location of “Incognito, Inc.,” shows Stiviano in the long mirrored visor that she’s been seen hiding under in public ever since news of the now-authenticated racial conversations with Sterling were made public by TMZ and Deadspin.

Similar to any other mysterious vixen, Stiviano’s age is another matter. She’s been pegged as being anywhere from 23 years old to 38 years of age, based on the online publication you believe is most credible.

ABC News calls Stiviano – who was born in Texas under the name Maria Vanessa Perez – a 31-year-old. If true, that means she’s nearly 50 years younger than 80-year-old Sterling. Ironically, 50 years is the same length of time that Sterling has been married to his wife Rochelle.

Additional mysteries surrounding the woman who has more than one alias, according to court documents, question whether or not she’s had any plastic surgery. That huge mirrored, long visor sure brought at least one comment on her Instagram page regarding plastic surgery – and pundits pontificate whether or not the Asian appearance of Stiviano, who is of Mexican and African-American heritage, is related to being “pulled” via some type of face lift to help her appear younger in her sexy Instagram selfies.

Stiviano certainly had the money to undergo such procedures, at least from the flaunting looks of the reported gifts given to the woman by Sterling shown on her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson, is talking boycott buzz for the Clipper’s Game 5 at the Staples Center. Bought for $15 million by Sterling, the team is now worth $700 million.