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V. Stiviano 20/20 Barbara Walters full video interview brings surprises

V. Stiviano is nothing if not a woman who is full of surprises. In a 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters that aired less than 24 hours ago, Stiviano said she doesn't feel Donald Sterling is a racist, and called herself his "silly rabbit" and right hand, right arm man, not his mistress and certainly not his gold digger. The claims have the Internet buzzing in its wake on May 3.

Stiviano merely proclaimed herself to be Sterling's personal assistant in this full and perhaps confusing 20/20 interview with a wide-eyed Barbara Walters questioning Stiviano about the melee that has enthralled a nation.

Meanwhile, friends like the infamous ex video vixen Karrine “Superhead” Steffans say that Stiviano is an archivist, a woman who always chronicles her life by taking plenty of photos and recording so many moments that she probably has thousands of hours of conversations with people.

Steffans offered the most insight into the "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" theory by saying that everything may have been fine with Stiviano receiving gifts and compensation from Sterling until his wife dragged Stiviano into court, wherein the woman at the center of the controversial storm no longer felt protected, and perhaps free to divulge his harmful secrets.

Donald Sterling has said that he wishes he would've just paid Stiviano off, reports CNN, in a news segment that shows the beleaguered Clippers' owner in previous contentious court battles, dodging questions directed at him as to his definition of the word "sexual" as slyly as former President Bill Clinton did when he was on the stand.

Legal experts pontificate the next litigious moves in the situation, which could see Sterling's estranged wife filing for divorce and claiming her 50% share of the marital property, giving her an ownership stake in the assets.

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