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V magazine goes plus size

Once in a blue moon a plus size model will pop up in a mainstream magazine like Glamour. It's apparent because she's the only model over a size 2 in the magazine, and is seldom featured months in a row. V Magazine is going new wave with their January issue, devoted to plus size models. For those who aren't in the fashion-know, V Magazine is an edgy publication that showcases some of fashion's best photographers and stylists. Pictorials are creative and innovative and there's always room to push the envelope, so why not step into the world of plus size models?

Photographers like Terry Richardson and even Karl Lagerfeld (who denounced plus size women just a few months ago) showcase plus size models in all their glory. Richardson's layout is dubbed "One Size Fits All," and shows a "normal" and a plus size model in the same designer gear, striking similar poses. Which is your favorite?

Special thanks to Magazine for making images available for writers and bloggers.

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