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Morena Baccarin's fitness secrets: Healthy diet, Pilates and yoga workouts

Morena Baccarin's fitness secrets are a sensible diet, yoga and Pilates workouts.

Morena Baccarin credits a healthy diet, Pilates and yoga workouts for her bangin' bikini body.

The Brazilian-born Baccarin has won legions of fans around the world, thanks to her star-making turn as the alluring Jessica Brody on the hit Showtime series, Homeland.

The athletic 5' 7½" Morena, who loves to cook, said her fitness secrets are Pilates and yoga. "I like Jivamukti yoga, which is really hard and acrobatic, but there’s a lot of meditation too, which is nice," Baccarin told Betty Confidential.

One exercise Morena intensely dislikes? "The StairMaster — I hate that thing," she laughed.

Morena, who's married to American director Austin Chick, pampers herself with spa treatments to maintain her stunning looks.

"I love going to this Korean spa in L.A.," said Baccarin. "It’s super-cheap and you have all of these soaking tubs and saunas. And they have amazing treatments, where they put you on a table and scrub every inch of your body. You leave relaxed and with the softest skin you can imagine."

When asked which Hollywood hunk she would marry, date or dump, Morena gives a surprising answer. "Robert Pattinson is definitely dump material," said Baccarin. "He’s way too young for me.

Morena continued: "I’m torn between Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhaal to marry, but I think you marry Brad and date Jake. You want Brad around for keeps."