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‘Utopia’ loses contestant Andrea Cox before show starts

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Utopia” has already lost a contestant after producers were forced to remove one woman for violating the rules. TMZ reports on Friday that the reality show on Fox got rid of Andrea Cox for not following the guidelines. Cox was one of 15 people originally scheduled to enter the new society as pioneers.

The show’s producers explained that Cox communicated with the other contestants instead of adhering to the policies about avoiding conversations. She was not allowed to enter the utopia during the live stream of the program and has been removed from the show. However, she will not miss out on any prizes, since “Utopia” does not have a trophy or check waiting for the finale.

Fox described the new reality show as a way for viewers to watch others try to build a perfect society while overcoming their own differences. The network admitted the program has been compared to “Big Brother” because contestants will live in a compound and have cameras follow them. Nevertheless, Fox insisted “Utopia” will be different and make viewers think.

There were allegedly 5,000 people who applied to join the show, but only 15 made the cut. Similar to other reality show rules, the contestants will be isolated from the world. Fox has stated it hopes this will encourage them to create a better society with their own systems. The reality program has been called a social experiment by some critics.

The show is set in California, and the pioneers will get some help from producers in the form of cows and chickens. However, they will generally be asked to develop ideas on their own and make the community sustainable. They will have to figure out how to survive without outside help, but Fox will be keeping an estimated 200 crew members on hand to film “Utopia.”