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'Utopia' contestant violated the sequester rules and was kicked off the show

'Utopia' contestant Andrea Cox was kicked off the show for violating sequester rules.
'Utopia' contestant Andrea Cox was kicked off the show for violating sequester rules.
Photo courtesy of FOX, used with permission

A contestant on the new FOX reality show, "Utopia," violated the rules and was kicked off on Aug. 29, 2014. A cast of 15 pioneers was all set to begin filming today, but Andrea Cox was not allowed to participate. Prior to the show, the cast members were sequestered and Cox figured out how to contact the other contestants. This is a huge violation of reality show production policies.

FOX took action and removed Andrea Cox, the raw vegan chef, from the cast. Reality shows usually have backup contestants for last minute replacements, but they have not yet announced who will be taking Andrea's place.

Utopia is a new reality show that monitors a group of people as they build their own civilization. The "pioneers" are dropped off on a secluded piece of land in California with no heat, electricity or plumbing. They are provided with a lake, barn, two cows, and 12 chickens. The people must work together to develop the land. So far, there is no mention of a prize at the end of the show other than the experience itself.

The network calls "Utopia" its "boldest and most groundbreaking social experiment." The reality show is quite a gamble for FOX. They are investing $50 million dollars to produce it.

FOX has scheduled "Utopia" to air on Tuesdays and Fridays. They are expecting it to replace "X Factor" and "American Idol." The network will also live stream the show online like "Big Brother." "Utopia" starts Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014, on FOX channel WAWS 30 in Jacksonville. The show began filming today and is airing live, but there is a small monthly charge to watch the "Utopia" live feeds.