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Utilizing social media in a small business

Technology is just part of life these days. People turn to social media outlets as a way to gather news. Customers use social media as a place to find the right type of product or service. Small businesses owners can use this trend of people following social media platforms as a resource tool to get customers in the door. Positive communication on social media gives a small business owner a chance to keep in touch with customers and answer any questions.


Research is needed to determine which social media is best for a particular small business. The decision will have to be based on what types of products and services a small business offers on a daily basis. There are numerous platforms that can be utilized such as Google+, Yelp, Twitter, Blogging and Facebook.

As a small business owner, go to these sites and check out the competition. Knowing what the local competition is doing for social media campaigns will help determine which platform to choose. Then, go past local competition and check out what bigger and more established businesses are doing for social media campaigns.

Pick One or Two

Pick one or two social media platforms when just starting out. Social media requires time and energy. As a small business owner signing up for multiple sites may result in poor updates on the pages. Clients and customers will take notice if a site is not updated properly. One of the easiest social media platforms to use is Facebook. There are numerous pages for small and large businesses alike.

Suggestions and Tips for a Social Media Page

· Take time in planning your Facebook page or other social media site.

· Share your businesses mission as well as the vision for the future of the business.

· Describe products or services, hours of business, and any other pertinent details.

· Photos are a must; a photo will attract a person who is just browsing through pages. The more photos the better for the site especially if the photos are high in quality.

· Do not mix business and personal information on the site.

· Be discreet with personal views on the business site.

· Do not run down other companies on the site.

· Keep everything positive and upbeat.

· Use business language to communicate with customers and clients.

· Social sites need to be maintained regularly. Posts should be made during business hours and at minimum once a day. If once a day is not possible at least once a week.

· Learn how to properly use hash tags to draw people to the page. However do not use so many hash tags that customer is drawn to the hash tags and not the message.

· Always, answer customers’ questions or concerns especially when dealing with a product or service. Offer solutions to any concerns and follow up with that particular solution.

· One of the greatest ways to get people to share statuses is by offering a contest. The contest does not have to have a large prize; a product or partial service from the business is fine.

· Offer discounts to those who frequent the Facebook business page or other social media platform.

· A busy small business owner can always hire a freelance writer to maintain the site or write daily blogs.

Small business can gain customers through the use of social media especially if the company decides to branch out into eCommerce. Social media can be used to emphasize sales on the online site. As the trend continues in the technological world, a small business owner can use this as a way to gain sales and profits.

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