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Utah voter list site’s new purpose: Repeal underage drinking laws

The website which contains the personal identifying information of 1.5 million Utah voters has been reformatted and is now to be used by grassroots activists to solicit votes for candidates who oppose underage drinking laws.

Previously the records were to be used for genealogical research.

The site proclaims that the drinking age is a hate crime and asks if you know that “Libertarian candidates tend to oppose underage drinking laws, because such laws violate a person’s inherent natural right to liberty. To learn more about these candidates, visit the website of the Libertarian Party of Utah at LPUTAH.ORG."

The disclaimer on the site now reads:

This is a privately run political website providing voter contact details to grassroots activists who want to solicit votes for candidates who oppose underage drinking laws. By accessing this website, you agree not to use any information from this website for any other purpose than to solicit votes. Don’t bother mining data, just download the list for free.

Although the purported use of the site has changed, it still contains the personal identify information of Utah's 1.5 million registered voters and is still searchable alphabetically, by address or by birth date.

The information that pops up at the top of the page when a voter’s record is accessed is slightly different from the earlier version and the formatting of the entire voter record which follows below is cleaner and easier to follow.

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