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Utah Utes football: Senior RB Lucky Radley knew suspected killer Elliot Rodger

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After hearing about what happened this past weekend when 22-year-old suspect Elliot Rodger stabbed 3 roommates to death and shot to death several others in a bizarre rampage through Santa Barbara, Calif., you would have to wonder what people who knew him thought.

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Utah Utes running back Lucky Radley happened to know Rodger, telling The Salt Lake Tribune reporter Matthew Piper on Monday, May 26 that he met and tried to befriend Rodger, the son of a “Hunger Games” producer, in fourth grade. As a youth, Radley lived three doors down from Rodger in Woodland Hills, Calif.

When you factor in that Rodger actually named Radley in his chilling 141-page manifesto, stating that Radley was “very nice at the time” and that the two hung out at the request of Rodger’s stepmother, you have to wonder what was going through Radley‘s mind at the time he found out what happened this weekend.

Radley apparently discovered the truth when his girlfriend showed him one of 22 YouTube videos that Rodger released before his death. In it, Rodger threatened others with bodily harm--in particular women whom Rodger felt jilted him in his 22 years on Earth and the men they selected instead of Rodger.

According to Radley in an telephone interview with Piper, Radley said Rodger's stepmother was always trying to get her outcast step son to play with Radley. "I would always play outside and try to catch lizards and stuff like that, and his mom would try to engage us and say, ‘Oh, come over! We have lizards in our backyard!’ or ‘Come over, we have pizza!’” Radley said.

That Radley was also named on Rodger’s lengthy list of enemies for being “immediately popular with the pretty girls of his grade” in middle school had to strike a deep chord as well. Obviously this is a very small world we live in--small enough for someone like Radley to know someone suspected of killing several innocent people in a fit of blind rage.