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Utah Utes basketball: Ex-star Andrew Bogut wars with reporters over work ethic

Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut.
Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut.
Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

It all started because of a tweet from an anonymous source earlier this week referring to former Utah Utes and current Golden State Warriors star Andrew Bogut as the “Tin Man.” Then ESPN reporter Stephen A. Smith -- as he is wont to do -- poured 120 proof alcohol all over the Twitter fire and watched it turn into the “Towering Inferno.” Then Bogut himself got involved on Friday, May 9, calling out Smith on Twitter.

At the center of this controversy is Bogut, an NBA All-Star and former No. 1 draft pick out of Utah who suffered a gruesome rib injury earlier this season, He opted not to play in the 2014 NBA Playoffs -- after which his eliminated Warriors fired their head coach, and all hell broke loose.

Fingers were pointed, several in the direction of Bogut who was hurt and had nothing to do with the Warriors first round collapse -- because on the advice of doctors, he sat this round out.

Sounds like great advice, right? If you‘re Bogut, would you want to play and possibly suffer a punctured lung in the playoffs because your broken rib has poked -- and possibly broken through -- the area from which you might like to breathe afterwards?

Not according to Smith, who in his best ESPN voice acts like the kid who always got picked last at recess, talks smack to the team captain who slighted him -- then coughs up his lunch money to Cap avoid being beaten to a bloody pulp.

Smith went on record, sort of, by saying through someone else that Bogut is soft and “devoid of big man presence b/c Andrew Bogut continuously resembled Andrew Bogus as someone who’s a complete no-show.” That tweet d’etat was retweeted -- and attributed -- by Warriors beat reporter Diamond Leung; it got back to Bogut and again, all hell broke loose on Twitter.

Except Bogut walked away on Twitter looking like a superhero. And like always, Smith went away smelling like a villain here -- because he can’t keep his mouth shut long enough to let oxygen in.

“Hey @stephenasmith ,thanks for all the totally Bogus compliments.Next time you are in the bay, dinner?It'll be Bogus #waynesworld #excellent,” Bogut tweeted on Friday, putting an end to all of this ridiculousness once and for all. Well, until the next reporter who doesn’t know what he’s talking about starts running his mouth when it comes to this Andrew Bogut injury.

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