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Utah trucker kidnapped women, filed down their teeth, used them for sex

Utah trucker faces slew of charges after he's accused of kidnapping women and using them for sex.
Utah trucker faces slew of charges after he's accused of kidnapping women and using them for sex.
Clay County Minnesota Jail

A Utah trucker, whose dentures are created to look like vampire fangs, is facing charges of kidnapping women and holding them captive for sexual activity in his big rig while driving nationwide. 54-year-old Timothy Jay Vafeades is accused of forcing the women into illegal sexual activity, according to Reuters on March 13.

Vafeades faces federal charges in these claims made by the women. A 19-year-old relative of the fanged truck driver said she was held hostage in 2013 between May and November. She was forced into having sex more than 100 times. If she tried to flee she was beaten and threatened.

This ended in November when he went through a weigh station and a man working there saw the woman in Vafeades’ truck. He noticed the bruises on her face and stepped in to help. His intervention saved the woman.

When this incident made the headlines, another woman stepped forward to say she had experienced the same abuse by this man. Vafeades faces two counts each of kidnapping and transportation for illegal sexual activity. He is also facing one count of possession of child pornography, along with transportation of child pornography.

The things that Vafeades is accused of doing to these women are horrific and bizarre. One woman said he didn’t like her smile so he used a file from a tool belt to file down her teeth. Both women’s looks were changed with dying and cutting of their hair and filing down their teeth. The second woman to come forth said that she was forced into marrying him during a trip to Idaho.

Both women report that they were forced to watch child pornography with this man. He disabled their cell phones and they were not allowed to speak to anyone but him. He held onto their identification papers.

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