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Utah trucker: Disturbed trucker had sex slaves in semitrailer, filed their teeth
Charges against Utah trucker Timothy Jay Vafeades include kidnapping, transportation for illegal sexual activity and possession of child pornography.

A Utah trucker is facing a multitude of charges this week, after authorities arrested the overstate trucker and accused the man of keeping “sex slaves” in his semitrailer for months on end.

According to a report from The Associated Press on Thursday, as carried by CBS News, the charges against 54-year-old Timothy Jay Vafeades include “kidnapping, transportation for illegal sexual activity, and possession of child pornography, and could bring a life sentence if he is convicted.”

Vafeades reportedly made the women, at least two that police know of, perform sexual acts on him while he beat them and held them under duress.

The trucker also is accused of filing down the teeth of the women, though the exact reason for that was unclear. Investigators think that Vafeades was trying to alter their dental records to possibly thwart identification of the women, though it was also reported that the lunatic trucker had some sort of vampire teeth fetish.

Vafeades was arrested last November after truck stop investigators, performing a routine search and inspection at a weigh station, came across a 19-year-old girl with the trucker – his relative – who had visible bruising and other signs of physical abuse.

The woman told police that she had been held for the previous six months after agreeing to leave Florida and work for him on his rig – the “Twilight Express.”

Kidnapped and constantly threatened, the teen was forced by Vafeades to have sex with him over 100 times. She also was made to wear a wig when they were in public so no one would recognize her.

After Vafeades was arrested last year, another woman has since come forward with a similar story.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that “another woman contacted the FBI and said she had been taken captive after agreeing to have dinner with Vafeades, whom she met at a Salt Lake City truck stop in April 2012. According to the complaint, the woman was held for three months and was sexually and physically abused throughout that time… He beat her with a belt frequently and threatened to kill her if she talked to anyone, according to the complaint.”

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