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Utah train collision: Train wreck causes huge mess, no fatalities reported

A Utah train collision caused multiple cars from a Union Pacific train to derail Wednesday morning. The Utah train collision occurred when a freight train suddenly rear-ended another train close to Weber Canyon, according to a Jan. 8 Reuters report.

Aaron Hunt, spokesman for Union Pacific, spoke with media sources regarding the train collision and he revealed that such an accident is rare.

"A collision like this is rare for us," Hunt explained.

Although no serious injuries were reported, the mess created from the Utah train collision will likely take several days to clean up.

When explaining the circumstances surrounding the Utah train collision, Hunt explained that the front locomotive hit the end rail car of the train in front. As a result, three locomotives and five rail cars came off the tracks.

Several employees from Union Pacific sustained minor injuries in the collision and the wreck caused a large amount of corn and grain to spill from the freight cars.

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Fuel also leaked from one of the trains which prompted hazmat crews to be dispatched to the scene in order to prevent fuel from contaminating a nearby river.

The Utah train collision remains under investigation and the cause of the crash is still unclear.

The accident comes just a few weeks after two trains - one carrying crude oil - collided in North Dakota, causing a massive explosion. The video for that story can be viewed above this article.

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