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Utah state representative threatens to cut off local NSA facility's water

No spying or no water?
No spying or no water?
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Utah resident have a message for the National Security facility in the state: "If you mess with us, we’ll cut off your water."

The facility, located in Bluffdale, Utah, needs up to 1.7 million gallons of water just to keep their computers cooled off. Utah residents say that if the NSA continues to collect data about us, count on those computers burning up.

State Rep. Marc Roberts says "So what, the facility is unconstitutional anyway." He has forwarded a state bill that will prevent the State of Utah from supplying the water. Actually his bill says Utah won’t allow the NSA to run anything.

The question is, can they get away with doing this?

The new legislation submitted Tuesday by Rep. Marc Roberts will do just that and that’s according to a nonpartisan think-tank's announcement on that day.

The Salt Lake Tribune said, “A bill (that has yet to be numbered) has been introduced that would prevent any state entity or any entity that contracts with the state from providing water and other support to agencies that collect massive amounts of data.”

Rep. Roberts, R-Santaquin, calls the NSA’s workunreasonable search and seizure of personal information by the federal government.”

This will definitely be a first-of-its-kind legal battle for the NSA.

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