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Utah school staff put on leave for taking away lunches

 Utah school staff put on leave taking away lunches
Utah school staff put on leave taking away lunches

Outrage spread this week after the world learned officials at the Uintah Elementary School decided to take lunches from students who owed money and toss them in the trash. Many demanded those responsible be fired. Now, according to an article published Yahoo! News on Jan. 31, the Uintah Elementary school cafeteria manager and a district supervisor have been placed on leave while officials investigate.

Yahoo! News reports that 32 students walked through the lunch line, gather their meals, and had them take away because they had overdue lunch accounts. The $2 meals were reportedly taken from the children and tossed in the trash. Each of the students were then given a piece of fruit and a milk for lunch.

Reports indicated that Salt Lake City School District spokesman Jason Olsen says taking the food away from the children was a mistake.

The names of those involved have no been released for privacy reasons.

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