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Utah’s horse world – Why POAs are the most fun horses in all the land

2014 is the ‘Year of the Horse’ and our New Year’s focus is all about having fun on horseback.

Arielle's POA Sheik is the epitome of versatility. Here they show off his jumping skills.
Sarah Robertson, Mary B., Tasha O., Arielle and friends
Tuffy, with mom Sarah, personifies POA perfection!
- Tasha Overson

Obviously, the first step to creating a fun riding experience is pairing with a horse or pony that is both willing and able to make your interactions as enjoyable as possible.

While there are many terrific and athletic breeds available, we want to share our list of reasons that make the POA (Pony of the Americas) the very best all-around equines available:

First of all, they’re an inherently healthy breed. Most of these sturdy ponies won’t fall into the hypochondriac category or have you running to the vet on a weekly basis.

They’re easy keepers. While your average horse will need to consume 5 -6 flakes of hay each day, your POA should do well (physically) on 3. Psychologically, they are sure to believe they are being starved to death if not offered free choice feed, but that’s another issue.

They are brave. It’s a rare POA that is overly skittish. Typically very good minded, these ponies aren’t prone to flightiness, shying or bolting.

These ponies personify versatility. Whether jumping, riding in western events, pursuing speed (barrels, poles, Jr. rodeo) or venturing out on the trail, you’re sure to find your perfect partner in the oh-so-willing POA.

Your POA isn’t just for kids. With their sturdy build and natural athleticism, all but your tiniest ponies are capable of comfortably packing around an adult. A rider with tack totaling up to 140lbs can be handled by your tough little Pony of the Americas.

POAs love to learn. Remarkably intelligent and curious, the POA is the ideal student. When presented with consistent, clear and confident direction from their rider, they absorb instruction like a little sponge and their skills quickly flourish. This is not an equine that you’ll have to start over with in each session; their terrific memories help them retain prior lessons, a terrific trait that lets you build on their education without incessant back-tracking.

They are funny! With their always-inquisitive and sincerely playful nature, your POA is sure to make you laugh on a daily basis. It’s impossible to have a bad day around a POA!

Riders feel safer on a POA. Not only do they have great minds, but these ponies (averaging in height from 12.2 to 14.1 hands) are closer to the ground; even if you do come off, you don’t have that far to fall.

POAs are affordable. For a well-bred and well-started pony you’ll pay roughly $2,000. You can even get a seasoned pony with show experience for under $5,000!

POAs are fun to ride. With great conformation and smooth, easy gaits, the POA is enjoyable and comfortable for her riders. Add the fact that their shorter stature makes them easy to mount from the ground and you can always hop on for a quick bareback excursion.

They don’t mind the cold. When winter rolls around it’s likely that your pony will grow its own fuzzy, cozy coat (no need for an additional blanket) and they seem to genuinely enjoy a good romp in the snow!

These ponies are friendly and affectionate. Once your POA gets to know you, he’ll readily nicker in your direction as soon as he sees you. They’re easy to catch and extremely people-oriented. You’ll always feel well-loved when you own a POA.

In addition to the lengthy list of impressive POA traits, it’s also worth mentioning that we have wonderful resources close to home across the Wasatch front. If looking to purchase a POA, the Nayborhood Pony Farm in Lindon UT should be the first place you look. No need to shop out of state or spend a small fortune on transport costs.

All in all, these little horses are just a joy to be around. With their naturally affectionate nature, intelligence and playfulness, they do everything possible to make your riding and handling experiences pleasurable in every possible way. Everyone should have at least one POA!

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