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Utah’s horse world: Parelli Pop-up seminar delights natural horsemanship fans

Indy loves his Parelli Natural Horsemanship rope halter!
Indy loves his Parelli Natural Horsemanship rope halter!
photo by Sarah Terrien Robertson, with Indy

Popular natural horsemanship guru Pat Parelli showed up in Salt Lake last evening, Thursday July 31 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. MDT at the South Jordan Equestrian Center, offering a large crowd of fans and followers a glimpse at the methods that make his training so successful.

The Pop-up presentation began with local students and Parelli professionals showcasing the uniquely united relationships they share with their equines. A stunning Fjord stepped onto a pedestal and calmly lay down, allowing her owner to climb onto her back before she gently stood and quietly took in the crowd’s applause. Another young woman’s silky, lithe Arabian showcased ample training and comradery with her handler as the pair danced together both on the ground and under saddle at varying paces. Their breathtaking high-speed (yet controlled) gallop around the arena met with excitement and appreciation of the onlookers.

One lucky young local equestrian and her handsome sooty buckskin (almost grulla) gelding participated in a one-on-one session with Pat. Having been together for just one month, this experience will surely help lay the foundation for a happy and successful relationship! The focus of the lesson was learning to encourage the horse to do more while the rider /handler does less (no nagging or unnecessary micro-managing); a rare ability that is likely to have far-reaching benefits, for both horse and human.

Parelli’s new Pop-up seminars are free (no kidding; free!) for spectators! These fun surprise sessions are put together in just a few days. There’s no pressure to purchase apparel or accessories or a timeshare. As a matter of fact, there are no retail vendors of any kind on site.

Interested attendees are offered the opportunity to sign up for a free DVD and enter their name for a drawing in a local Parelli clinic! Pat, Linda and their many well-trained Parelli Professionals (there are over 300 nationwide) will be increasing their local presence; be on the lookout for more upcoming Parelli Natural Horsemanship events and clinics throughout Utah and Idaho in the near future. See their website for details about a gathering in Vernal, UT, an extended clinic in Downey, Idaho and a planned Parelli Pop-up in Moab, at the Old Spanish Trail Arena, on Sunday, August 3, 2014.

For over 30 years (his first seminar took place in March of ’82) Pat has presented his horsemanship philosophies, based on “Love, language and leadership” to well over a million people worldwide. He has paired with the Dog Whisperer, Caesar Milan, to showcase the differences between the canine and equine species and the consistent need for individualized species-specific training and reliable leadership. Working with famed dressage master Walter Zettl, Pat and Linda have shown the equestrian world how well their in-depth foundational methods translate into success for all disciplines.

Pat, influenced by the timeless teachings of great horsemen such as Tom Dorrance, brother Bill Dorrance and the legendary Ray Hunt, has worked with horsemanship fans from all walks of life, from beginning backyard riders, children and adults, to celebrities and royalty, including England’s Queen Elizabeth, actor Tom Sellek, and the late President Ronald Reagan, to name just a few of the famous folks who’ve crossed his path. Having ridden and worked with horses from childhood on, Parelli is (lucky for us!) a self-proclaimed “share-aholic”.

Outgoing, engaging and entertaining, Pat and Linda Parelli have helped instruct over 200,000 students in 57 countries as they’ve enrolled in their long-distance study program. More than 1,000 episodes of the Parelli’s educational television program have aired on stations across three continents (Utah viewers can look for their programs on RFD-TV).

A recent press release explains that Parelli also founded the “Parelli Education Institute” to support youth horsemanship, horse welfare, the ongoing education of Parelli professionals and therapeutic horsemanship.

Visit the Parelli Natural Horsemanship website to learn more and keep tabs on this active group’s scheduled appearances and future “Parelli Pop-up” dates! You can also subscribe to an online membership that offers discounts on their many helpful educational DVDs, clinic fees, top-quality training materials (their rope halters are an essential tool that no horseman should be without!) and even their exceptional Parelli-designed saddles.

For those who are interested in improving their relationships with their horses, enhancing their skills, timing and personal confidence both on the ground and under saddle, and learning from one of the industry’s most trusted experts, we encourage you to pop in at the next free Parelli Pop-up!

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