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Utah’s horse world– Eventing; the most fun you can have without getting arrested

Eventers are a fun family. (Sarah Ellington, Todd, Adrienne and little Devon Smyrl on Easter day 2013)
Eventers are a fun family. (Sarah Ellington, Todd, Adrienne and little Devon Smyrl on Easter day 2013)
Sarah Robertson

Horseback riding is just fun, no matter what discipline you choose, but eventing? Now there's a good time. Here's our top 12 (10 just wasn't enough) list of why this is the epitome of enjoyment!

Sussi and Itzi enjoy the cross-country course at Pegasus.
photo by Sarah Robertson

1. It’s legal.

2. Eventing offers VARIETY! (Ideal for the horse and rider).

3. You get to ride OUTSIDE. Cross-country courses let you race across scenic, wide open spaces, jump over obstacles, negotiate tight turns, all amidst natural, gorgeous green scenery. That’s about as good as it gets!

4. You get to practice the finesse and elegant control of dressage within a casual, relaxed non-snooty environment of fun and judgment-free camaraderie.

5. You get to jump! (Most horses love to jump, despite what anyone who’s afraid to jump might tell you).

6. All that variety means extra time in the saddle, both at the events and in training. That equals more time with your horse, and a deeper bond.

7. It's a challenge; you'll never be bored (and neither will your horses). The courses vary, scenery changes. Having three different disciplines in one sport offers ample opportunity to keep your skills and minds sharp.

8. You’ll need more tack. No one ever has enough tack. (Don’t forget your helmet! Eventers are all about safety).

9. All breeds are welcome! OTTB (off the track thoroughbreds), quarter horses, arabians, rescue horses, ponies of all sizes, mules, etc. If you can ride it and it's an equine, you can event.

10. Our local association (the WREA) is incredibly well-run. Those in charge have the best interests of all riders, at every level, at heart and are constantly working tirelessly for the betterment of the sport, the development of each rider, and the well-being of our horses.

11. Age and level of expertise are irrelevant. Sure, there may be 10 year olds out there leaping over 3’ obstacles, but even if you’re 60 and hopping over a 12” cross-rail, you’ll still feel entirely welcome at the eventing table.

12. The people are AMAZING; supportive, sincerely encouraging, playful, honest, open-minded, real, nice. Really nice. This is a crowd that anyone will enjoy spending time with!

Want to learn more? Visit the Wasatch Range Eventing Association website today! Even if you’re not ready to ride in competitive settings, you’re always invited to come out and watch the local events. Better yet, why not volunteer? Help is always needed to set up jump courses, assist judges with timing or scribing, and many other important behind-the-scenes duties.

Life’s an event. It’s just better on horseback.

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