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Utah police officer Joshua Boren kills family and self

Boren family
Boren family
New York Daily News

A Utah police officer killed four of his family members including his wife, mother-in-law, and his two children. The Lindon, Utah police officer, Joshua Boren, 34, then committed suicide. He shot and killed his family after having complained about marital problems, according to Yahoo! News on Saturday.

Police personnel in Lindon, Utah, asked police in Spanish Fork – some 50 miles south of Salt Lake City – to check on Boren since he failed to show up for his night shift. When the Spanish Fork police got to Boren’s home, they saw blood and spent handgun cartridges on the carpet – as they looked in from a window. After searching the home, the police found the bodies of Boren, his wife Kelly, 32, daughter Haley, 5, and son Joshua, 7, in a second floor bedroom. Marie King, Boren’s 55-year-old mother-in-law, was found dead in a nearby bedroom.

Fellow-officers who worked with Boren asserted that Boren had complained about marital problems in recent times, but they said that he was upbeat while working in the past week.