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Utah police officer: 34-year-old officer shoots family, kills all before suicide

Utah police officer: 34-year-old officer shoots family, kills all before suicide
Utah police officer: 34-year-old officer shoots family, kills all before suicide
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A Utah police officer made a horrific decision this week in choosing to shoot and kill his wife, his two young children, his mother-in-law, and then finally commit suicide by turning the blood-stained gun on himself. State authorities have almost no clues as to why the 34-year-old defender of the law, who appeared health and in mentally stable condition prior to the fatal incident, has committed such a tragic crime. Web Pro News tells what has been investigated so far in the murder-suicide this Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

The Utah police officer has been identified has 34-year-old Joshua Boren of the Lindon Police Department. He has been confirmed to have used a gun to shot and slay his wife, both of his children, and a relative. The killer then fatally shot himself. Officers were not aware of the sad deaths until Boren failed to appear for his night shift this week at the local department.

Boren had served for several years as an officer of the Utah police department, and it was known that he was having serious marital problems, having been complaining about them to his fellow authorities. A Lt. affirmed that the couple were going through “rough times” in recent weeks, but that Boren seemed happy and in good spirits prior to the discovery of these devastating killings.

After officers decided to visit Boren’s home to understand why he failed to show up for his late-night shift, they discovered the residence of the Utah police officer lit but without anyone answering the door. Once officials peered through an open window and discovered evidence of blood and fired bullets, they knew something terrible had occurred.

“When officers entered they discovered Boren’s mother-in-law, Marie King, 55, dead in one of the bedrooms, while Joshua Boren and his immediate family were all in the next bedroom. The other victims of this tragic murder-suicide were then identified as Joshua’s wife, Kelly Boren age 32, his son Joshua “Jaden” Boren, age 7 and daughter, Hayley Boren, age 5.”

“It’s just terrible. There were no warning signs,” Johnson said, adding that Utah police authorities had never once been called to the home over a domestic dispute or any marital issues. “This was a total shock to everyone.”

A thorough investigation is being immediately conducted into these fatal shootings made by this troubled 34-year-old man, and it is hoped that the search may reveal some much-needed answers later this weekend.