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Utah plane in Iran: Plane spotted at Iran airport draws terrorism concerns

A Utah plane spotted in Iran has posed quite a mystery. According to ABC News, the airplane that was photographed at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran is registered to a Utah bank. The government has not explained why the plane is overseas or how it got there. Interestingly enough, the Bombardier CL-600 has an American flag on its side.

The senior vice president for marketing and communication at the Bank of Utah acknowledged the plane's location but didn't seem too concerned. Apparently he feels as though it's not really his business.

The Utah plane in Iran has raised many eyebrows since the news his the Internet. Many people are wondering why there would be a U.S. plane in Iran and who would have flown it there. People worry that this plane signifies terrorist activity and that the U.S. isn't paying close enough attention to things like this -- could we have another 911 on our hands?

"A government watchdog warned last June and again in January that non-U.S. citizens have registered 5,600 planes with the Federal Aviation Administration through trustees, concealing the owners' identities," reports ABC News.

More on the Utah plane in Iran in the video above.

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