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Utah mother arrested for having 7 dead babies in her garage

Authorities have arrested a Utah mother on Monday for having seven dead babies in the Pleasant Grove home, according to CNN US, of which she is suspected of killing them all.

Utah Mother Arrested For Suspected Killing Of Seven Babies Found in Her Garage
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Megan Huntsman, 39, according to police gave birth between 1996-2006 to at lease seven babies at the Pleasant Grove residence...

Ex-husband Darren West, found one baby in the garage, informed authorities, and they followed up with the gruesome discovery. West is not suspected of having anything to do with the death of the babies at this point.

The babies were found in cardboard boxes in plastic bags in the garage of the home.

Huntsman stated to authorities that she either strangled or suffocated at least six of the babies immediately after she gave birth to them over a period of years.

"During her interview, Ms. Huntsman admitted that between 1996 and 2006, she gave birth to at least seven babies at the Pleasant Grove residence, and that all of the babies, but one, were born alive, and that she either strangled or suffocated the babies immediately after they were born," read a probable cause statement.

It is reported that Huntsman has two other older children living at home, at least one is an adult child.

The next court appearance set for Huntsman is April 21. She is being held on a 6,000,000 cash bond because authorities consider her to be a threat to the community.

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