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Utah mom might have saved son’s life after alerting police to Facebook threats

One mom in Utah might have just become her son’s hero after she took some threats made against him on Facebook seriously and alerted authorities. KUTV reported the story on April 8 that two teenage boys were arrested on Friday after they had made serious threats on social media to shoot the woman’s son.

Mom took Facebook threats seriously.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The mother, who regularly monitors her son’s Facebook page, became concerned when she read some comments from two teen boys saying that they were planning on shooting her child. She called a resource officer at West High School in Salt Lake City where her son attends school. The police were alerted and took those threats very seriously. After getting the info from the mom, the two boys were arrested down the street from the high school. According to authorities, they found a handgun, a loaded magazine and marijuana, along with a large bong in the suspects’ car.

"They were threatening his life on Facebook. Pretty credible threats. And there were also pictures on Instagram involving a weapon," said Det. Greg Wilking. "When they're posting it on social media and then they're actually where they said they were going to be and they have a weapon, I would say that's a pretty credible threat."

The suspects are facing multiple charges and have been booked into juvenile detention. They are not believed to be West High School students. According to police detectives, this might all be gang related.

Authorities are saying that this mom did the right thing in taking the threat seriously enough to alert the police. In doing so, she might very well have saved her son’s life. Parents that are involved in what their kids do online can make a big difference.

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