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Utah man confesses to poisoning neighbor's dog: Only person dog never liked

Adams confessed to feeding poison to one dog, but has not admitted trying to poison another dog.
Adams confessed to feeding poison to one dog, but has not admitted trying to poison another dog.
John Moore Getty Images

A Lehi man admitted to Lehi police Sgt. Jeff Swenson on Sunday that he was responsible for poisoning his neighbor's two-year-old Weimaraner and Labrador retriever mix on July 1 reported

Bart Adams, 47, faces 3rd degree felony animal cruelty charges.

Melanie Green, the owner of the therapy dog named Rowen who died, told authorities that her neighbor was always nasty to her dog, and Adams was the only person her dog didn't like. Whenever Rowen would see Adams, the dog would stand in a defensive position. Green stated:

"I could tell from his interactions with our dog that he didn't like him. He was very aggressive with him. He was really the only person in our neighborhood that our dog did not like...Our dog would approach him, bark at him and he would take a really aggressive stance with him and yell at him. Our dog would never touch him or anything but he screamed at him."

Another dog, a blue heeler and Labrador retriever mix named Lucy also presented with the same symptoms. Lucy is a therapy dog for the owner's autistic child. The dog survived.

Adams' home is between the two homes of the dogs that were poisoned. It is suspected the dogs were given meat laced with strychnine, a popular rat poison. Authorities are matching up a substance found in Adams' possession with the substance found in the dogs.

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