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Utah Jazz update: Four straight losses means you can think about Jabari again

In the grand scheme of things, four straight losses wouldn’t mean a thing when you’re playing 82 games.

Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

But in the case of the Utah Jazz, having four straight losses as of Wednesday, March 5 means the team is on a collision course for the sun -- and perhaps Duke sensation Jabari Parker.

The Jazz are currently tied with the Los Angeles Lakers (yes, you heard right) for having the worst record in the Western Conference.

After enjoying a great season by this season's standards (21 wins) the Jazz' rocket ship is now plummeting back to Earth -- as Utah begins its most brutal stretch of games this season.

Now if that actually meant something right now -- that would be great. Alas, there are still games to be played (21 as a matter of fact) and the Jazz are the fifth worst team in the NBA right now -- along with New York and the Lakers.

So the Jazz have hope. The other thing that gives its fans hope is that role players are playing like LeBron James right now against the Jazz's defense.

“In Jazz's last two games, Milwaukee SF Ersan Ilyasova and Washington's Trevor Ariza have scored 57 points on 22 of 28 shooting,” tweeted Salt Lake Tribune reporter Steve Luhm on Wednesday night.

The bad news is that the Jazz’ next opponent is the very team tied with them in the Sorry for Jabari standings -- the Knicks. The good news is New York defeated Minnesota Wednesday night -- meaning the Jazz may be headed for its fifth straight defeat.

As the final quarter of this season begins, Jazz fans who lost hope in drafting a franchise player may finally be realizing their dream of having Jabari in a Jazz uniform is not as far-fetched as they thought.

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