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Utah Jazz get back to not so winning ways on Paul Millsap’s return

If the Utah Jazz want to lose every single game from here on out -- hereby giving them an opportunity to draft either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker -- all they need to do is play against former players.

The former Utah Jazz star is now an All-Star forward with the Atlanta Hawks.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Because on Monday, March 10 former Jazz players Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver returned in a different color uniform and on a different team -- leading the Atlanta Hawks to a 112-110 victory over the Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City.

Millsap, who got a lot of press early because he said in the Deseret News he understood if Jazz fans booed him Monday night, had 23 points.

Since Millsap has joined a new team in Atlanta, all he’s done is earn his first All-Star Game appearance and lead the Hawks to a 27-35 record -- good enough for 8th place and a playoff spot in the East.

But the guy who stole the show Monday night at the ESA was Hawks guard Kyle Korver, the darling of squealing schoolgirls the state over when he was with the Jazz.

Korver returned to Salt Lake on a mission -- and that mission because he chose to accept it was to score 26 points, leading all scorers.

That Korver also played out of his ever-loving mind had something to do with the game’s outcome too. He was 8-for-12 from the field, 4-for-4 from three point range and letter perfect from the free throw line also (6-of-6).

The Jazz shot even better from three point land, going 10-for-21 on the night -- and almost fought back to win the game -- just falling short at the end by two points.

Trey Burke was unconscious from three, hitting 5-of-8 shots he attempted from behind the arc for a total of 23 points to lead Utah.

Despite Burke's big night it was the Jazz’ sixth loss in seven games, and while the Hawks are certainly on the way up Utah is going down fast towards an NBA Draft Lottery pick that most fans hope will have the last name of either Wiggins or Parker.

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