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Utah Jazz 2014: Dante Exum Foot Locker adidas commercials are a global hit

Since Hall of Fame forward Karl Malone appeared as Porter Rockwell on the big screen--and had a cameo in the widely panned motion picture comedy “Soul Plane,” appearances by current or former Utah Jazz players on TV and film have been as rare as a solar eclipse.

Utah Jazz 2014 NBA Draft selection Dante Exum of Australia.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Whether it was just planned that way by Jazz players who tend to avoid the limelight--or people just don't care that Utah even exists--there is one player who might be able to change the way everyone thinks about life in the Beehive State.

Now that Jazz have selected Dante Exum, the Australian 6-6 guard with the No. 5 pick at the 2014 NBA Draft on Thursday, June 26, expect some opinions about Utah to change. The Jazz hope Exum is to Utah what Tony Parker has been to his team, the small market San Antonio Spurs--not only on the big screen but also on the basketball court.

Parker made Hollywood headlines by marrying--and later divorcing--actress Eva Longoria, a San Antonio native herself. Exum is taking his courtship with Tinseltown a few steps further by shooting a series of five adidas commercials for Foot Locker entitled “Life Changes After The Draft,” or #LifeChangesAfterTheDraft for all of you Twitter junkies.

In a nutshell, the five 16-second spots produced by TheVaultNYC for adidas and Foot Locker that star the Jazz’ newest acquisition poke fun at Exum wanting to be famous.

In “Reservation,” Exum tries to phone in a reservation just by dropping his name. Unfortunately, the people on the other end of the call don’t know who he is. In “Fan Mail,” Exum checks his mailbox in anticipation to see if it’s crammed full of letters from well-wishers. Nope, it isn't.

“Autograph” chronicles Exum’s struggles in replicating his own signature--which he doesn’t need to worry about yet because, duh, he’s not famous. In “Dorky Neighbor,” Exum has to tell his nosy next-door neighbor the difference between England and Australia.

And in “Paparazzi,” the last and final installment in the series, Exum discusses with his buddies whether they should go to the mall--because he doesn’t want to be hounded by fans. Naturally, his suggestion makes for an awkward moment.

All told, the five spots starring Exum have received about 2 million hits on YouTube--the number is rising by the hour. Exum’s nievity plays well in the spots--and is quite believable even if the Australian is only 18 and will be 19 in July.

Exum also shot a commercial for Red Bull entitled “Inside the Mind and body of a Future NBA Star”--a spot that is a bit more dramatic--lasting a little over three minutes in duration.

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