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Utah Jazz 2014: Aussie Brock Motum helps countrymen forget about Dante Exum woes

He may look like a young Mick Dundee and require the use of SPF 100 sunscreen for his lily-white skin, but that high-flying guy you see floating above the rim and dunking with relative ease across your TV screens is not Dante Exum, the 6-foot-6-inch wunderkind whom the Utah Jazz drafted with the No. 5 pick.

Australia forward Brock Motum.
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Naturally, you're surprised that Exum isn't floating above the rim and smashing the ball down through the net 20 times a game for all the hoopla that the country of Australia, the NBA and adidas the shoemaker have heaped upon the kid.

For all the madness surrounding Australian celebrities like Exum during this tournament, there is one lesser-known guy stealing bits and pieces of Exum's spotlight in Sin City.

Amid all the glitz and glam that accompany players everywhere they go in this desert town that is literally ablaze at 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and before the bright lights and anxious fans frighten most savvy play-makers trying to make a name for themselves in a town known for killing dreams, there is one guy who literally stands to make bank in this, his own personal oasis--yet he wasn't even drafted.

Brock Motum is a frizzy haired blonde surfer-looking dude from Brisbane who stands tall at 6-foot-9-inches, weighs a scrawny 230 pounds and looks like he fits in the outback. You'd expect Motum to carry a snakeskin sheath for his machete along with a matching hat long before you'd ever expect him to pick up a basketball and dunk it like the second coming of Clyde Drexler.

Sporting a ubiquitous No. 84 adidas jersey this week at the NBA Summer League 2014 in Las Vegas, Motum is probably the guy you'd least expect can leap from the free-throw line extended and float across the key, looking for the nearest opponent to posterize.

But that's what happened early in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers. In a ho-hum game, Exum got open in the corner and hurled up a three-point shot. It caromed left off the rim, but over the lane flew Motum.

In one motion, Motum leaped from the middle of the key, and swooping over the rim and two 76ers players, he windmilled the basketball through the net with extreme prejudice.

But that's not Motum's only highlight. In fact, his gliding smash-down was one of many throughout the week in Las Vegas. That first summer league game against the 76ers netted him just four points. But after that monster dunk against Philly, he was just warming up.

Game two against Milwaukee and another hyped product, Mormon No. 2 pick Jabari Parker of Duke, netted Motum 16 points on 7-of-9 shooting in just 19 minutes. His third game versus Denver resulted in just six points--making you wonder if this was the same guy who scored 16 the previous game.

And yes, it was the same guy from Australia who looked like Dundee and dunked like Drexler. Motum's 14 points and eight rebounds in 21 minutes against San Antonio in game four cemented his status as a cult hero with out-of-control frizzy hair and a wild game who may have overshadowed his countryman Exum just a tad at this tournament.

The kicker was, Motum got most of his points off the bench at this tournament. He likely played himself into a spot at Jazz training camp--and even if he didn't, the Washington State product's averages of 10 points and six rebounds through the first four games in Las Vegas as of Thursday, July 17 have earned him a ticket to some NBA team's camp--and a spot in Jazz folklore.

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