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Utah high school alters female yearbook photos, white people problems ensue

Female students of Wasatch High School in Utah are outraged to discover their yearbook photos were Photoshopped to be less revealing. Girls wearing tank tops, low-cut shirts and a variation of other outfits were altered without any noticeable warning from the school. Sound like something from the prohibition era, where bare shoulders were considered sexual? Well, it is!

In sophomore Shelby Baum’s photo, her shirt’s neckline was raised to show less cleavage, a move that's totally understandable in the eyes of a conservative, Mormon naysayers and overbearing parents alike. Along with her Photoshopped shirt, Baum’s tattoo below her collarbone was also edited out of her yearbook photo.

In the most hilarious instance of white people problems, sophomore Kimberly Montoya was frustrated about the color of her shirt being edited. Sleeves were also added to her yearbook photo.

“I was upset because my shirt was a cream color and the color of the cover up was completely white. It looked like whiteout on my skin.”

The thing the girls are most upset about is the inconsistency. In one instance, two different girls were wearing identical shirts; one was Photoshopped to cover her shoulders, the other was left alone. The school is playing the they-should-have-known-better card and claims to have forewarned students that their class photos may be edited.

Had the girls been made aware of their violation of the dress code, they claim that they would have changed their appearance for the photo. Superintendent Terry Shoemaker stated that a “large enough sign” was posted at the photoshoot that warned that the yearbook photos could be edited.

The female students are not happy about “looking funny” in their yearbook photos. It’s not like they altered the appearance of their face, though. These girls are in their teens, so this is a huge deal to them, but is there really nothing else happening in Utah?

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