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Utah former AG’s to be charged

Former Utah AG Mark Shurtleff will be facing criminal charges.
Former Utah AG Mark Shurtleff will be facing criminal charges.
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According to, former Utah Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff will soon be charged with multi-count criminal indictments. Local prosecutors are also expected to charge deputy AG Kirk Torgenson (currently on administrative leave) and possibly Swallow 2012 campaign consultant Jason Powers.

Salt Lake County Attorney General Sim Gill and Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings have been conducting an independent investigation for more than a year. The pending charges are a result of that investigation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has assisted Gill and Rawlings, although the Department of Justice did not press charges following their probe which concluded last October. The amount of evidence uncovered by other investigations has left questions about the thoroughness of the federal investigation.

Both Swallow and Shurtleff have maintained their innocence throughout the investigation by Gill, a Democrat and Rawlings, a Republican. Both former AG’s are Republicans, and have faced a legislative investigation, internal investigation, and federal investigation. Swallow resigned last December after serving less than one year, and Shurtleff spent 12 years in the position, retiring in 2012.

The investigations have revealed multiple issues including possible favorable treatment for campaign donors, inappropriate gifts and trips, dropping investigations and possible charges against campaign donors, evidence tampering, and using campaign money to run an anonymous negative campaign. According to Utah House Committee member Jim Dunnigan-R, Taylorsville who headed the group formed to investigate Swallow, if Swallow had not resigned, there was enough evidence to proceed with impeachment before the Utah House of Representatives. It has also been suggested that if Swallow remained in office, he would have had his actual election go to civil court, possible voiding the entire process.

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