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Utah football: Disappointing NFL Draft ends with Jake Murphy a free agent

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Just because you are the son of Dale Murphy doesn’t mean you are going to be drafted to play professionally. Ask Jake Murphy, the Utah Utes tight end who left school early, how that all went for him at NFL Draft 2014.

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The short answer is it didn’t go well at all. Murphy wasn’t drafted by any NFL team. Only two of his Ute teammates were drafted -- Keith McGill went in the fourth round, Trevor Reilly in the seventh -- and not one of them will receive a guaranteed contract to play football at the next level until they have proven themselves, first at mini-camp and then at pre-season training camp.

Only then will they be able to make an NFL team. The one good thing is that because Murphy signed a free agent deal with the Oakland Raiders he still is free -- as the title implies -- to pursue any team he chooses. That doesn’t necessarily make things any better for the son of a baseball legend, but it will have to do.

Murphy expressed his feelings quite outwardly about being an NFL Free Agent in the Deseret News on Sunday, May 11 -- which was kind of interesting considering most athletes shy from public sentiments. You could really sense from Murphy's responses on his Twitter page that he was hurt by the process but that he knew he had to move on.

That Murphy was 24 years of age probably had a lot to do with him not being drafted. But, McGill is 24 and he was drafted by the Raiders, and Reilly is 26 yet the Jets finally called his name in the seventh and final round.

“Obviously you want to go drafted. But dwelling on the past will do no good. This is the best situation I could be in and have no regrets,“ Murphy tweeted.

The same goes for fullback Karl Williams, who was expected to go late in the draft but instead didn’t hear his name. He signed a free agent contract with the Raiders as well.

Other Utah Utes signing free agent deals included tight end Anthony Denham (Houston Texans), defensive tackle Tenny Palepoi (San Diego Chargers) and offensive lineman Vyncent Jones (either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Kansas City Chiefs).