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Utah football 2014: ex-Utes star Jake Murphy cut by Oakland Raiders

He is the son of baseball legend Dale Murphy. He was a player on the Utah Utes football team who himself was destined for greatness. He had the size, the uncanny athletic ability and had he stayed in school, a shot at bring drafted in the early rounds, perhaps.

NFL free agent tight end Jake Murphy of Utah.
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Jake Murphy was one of a host of local players cut by NFL teams on Sat. Aug. 30--but his was possibly the most surprising given his performances during the NFL pre-season for Oakland. It wasn't like Murphy didn't try to make the Raiders--he had two catches for 8 yards and a touchdown that he can tell Dale's grandkids about.

He's used to being upended by USC, pounded into the turf by Oregon and playing with pain regardless. He's also 24 years old, which is older for an NFL rookie. So this kind of news is disheartening, obviously--but it aint the end of the world.

Initially, things looked good for Murphy. He made it through the Raiders initial cuts, leading some to think he had a chance to make the 53-man roster.

But, on the final day of cuts, the former Utes star wasn't as fortunate, joining a list of 22 other players--including locals like former Ute fullback Karl Williams, Utah State linebacker Bojay Filimoeatu and BYU linebacker Spencer Hadley--as casualties.

Even so, there is still the chance that Murphy might make the Raiders practice squad--his career is hardly over and the Raiders have yet to make an official announcement about which 10 players will stay on in case of an emergency situation.

The Raiders currently have four tight ends on their roster--none of which appear to be world-beaters. David Ausberry of USC is listed as the No. 1 TE, and Mychal Rivera of Tennessee is listed second on the depth chart. Both are veterans--but neither had great numbers in the pre-season. Ausberry had six catches for 76 yards and 2 TDs, Rivera had none.

Knowing how the NFL works though, you would sense that based on Murphy's playing time with Oakland he stands a decent chance to play pro football somewhere--perhaps even on the Raiders practice squad.

Expect an answer later this week from the Raiders. In the meantime, Murphy is steadfast on his Twitter page that he'll find a home. "Down 1, shooting 3's," posted the husband and father on Sunday, knowing he still has mouths to feed, a family to support--and inspiration from the No. 46 former Raider tight end great looking down from the cover on Murphy's Twitter page.

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