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Utah fertility clinic sperm switch: 17 calls after clinic worker fathers 1

The Utah fertility clinic that was the scene of some very disturbing dealings back in the early 1990s is gone and with it went most of its records. This is the fertility clinic that was in the news recently after a DNA test proved that the sperm was switched when a couple went to this clinic for in vitro fertilization (IVF) decades ago. The couple give birth to a daughter, but her DNA matches the now deceased clinic worker, according to Fox News on Jan. 15.

Sperm switched at clinic by a now deceased clinic worker and he replaced his own sperm fathering a daughter 21-years ago. Today it is thought there may be more cases..

A recent DNA test proved that their daughter was not the biological daughter of the man she’s called dad for 21 years. The Utah fertility clinic was suppose to use the husband's sperm to fertilize his wife’s egg decades ago, but an employee switched it with his own.

Through much detective work on the wife’s part, she tracked down a relative of the dead man who worked at the clinic and switched the sperm. You can read how this woman’s relentless journey to find out what happened finally produced an answer here:

Sperm switched: Clinic worker used his sperm to father baby, possibly others

According to Fox News today the Fertility Clinic was associated with the University of Utah. Since the news report of this sperm switch was made public, a University of Utah hotline was set up for people who used this clinic in the early 1990s to call with any questions or concerns.

So far the University has screened 17 calls from people who went to the clinic for IVF during the years this unscrupulous employee worked there. There is fool-proof evidence that he had replaced his own sperm with that of one man’s, so it would stand to reason there were probably others.

Pamela Branum is the woman who found out that her 21-year-old-daughter is not the biological daughter of her husband. She happened upon this find when having the DNA of her family analyzed while undertaking a geology project.

The university is saying:

"We believe it is impossible to determine exactly what happened. The university is sympathetic to the distress this situation has caused the Branum family."

Branum believes that the university has not conducted an investigation that was in-depth and she thinks that they are skirting the issue because there is the possibility of a scandal breaking out with other families who may find out they they are in the same situation.

While the university had no ownership in the clinic, they did use some of the fertility clinic’s services. Are there other young adults out there that Thomas Ray Lippert fathered by switching his sperm with that of some of the other men who came in to father a child with their wives or partners? Lippert's picture is the man in the photo above. He died in 1999.

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