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Utah arch rope swinging could be put to an end for safety reasons

Utah arch
Utah arch
wikimedia commons

Daredevils everywhere love to go to the Utah arch rope for swinging fun. On Wednesday, Yahoo shared how this arch bridge could end up being somewhere that they are not allowed to go to and act wild. Corona Arch visitors are speaking out and saying that they love visiting the bridge but not to see daredevils.

People have been making crazy videos on YouTube that show off their crazy ways on this arch. They start swinging on it and doing other things. Now people who normally come to see the gorgeous arch are upset that they are watching a daredevil show instead when they show up at the arch.

They actually get about 40,000 visitors here a year. By allowing the daredevils, they are losing visitors but if they don't allow it then it is very possible that they will lose a lot more visitors. It is going to be a losing situation for the arch no matter what happens. They do have signs up warning people that they are doing the swinging at their own risk but that doesn't stop them. So far there is no definite decision about if this swinging will be stopped or not.