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Utah ancient rock vandals: Criminal charges filed against rock vandals

Utah filed charges against ancient rock vandals on Jan. 31. According to NewsOXY, Glenn Taylor, 45, and David Hall, 42, were charged by the state of Utah for toppling over a prehistoric rock at the Goblin Valley State Park. Both men face up to five years behind bars as well as fines up to $5,000.

"[In a YouTube video,] Taylor can be seen pushing hard against the precariously placed rock and knocking it to the valley floor, before giving a friend a triumphant high-five. David Hall, 42, who was filming the incident, turns the camera on himself and says, 'We have a new modified Goblin Valley! A new Goblin Valley exists with this boulder down here on the bottom,'" reports NewsOXY.

The Utah ancient rock vandals are both Boy Scout leaders and were actually at the Goblin Valley State Park with their troop. Both Taylor and Hall claim that they flipped the rock over with "good intentions" and that they were worried that the massive rock would fall on a child and injure him or her.

"We did something right the wrong way," Taylor explained. Now the two men say that they should have just notified a park ranger instead of taking on the task themselves -- a task that the state of Utah says was illegal. Do you think Taylor and Hall should face consequences in this case?

Utah vs. the ancient rock vandals will find themselves in court soon.

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