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USS Forrestal: On final voyage to scrap heap in Texas

USS Forrestal: On final voyage to scrap heap in Texas.
USS Forrestal: On final voyage to scrap heap in Texas.
cc: Wikimedia Commons

USS Forrestal is on its final voyage from Philadelphia to a scrapyard in Texas. First launched in 1955, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is making its way south one last time. According to United Press Internantional (UPI) on Feb. 5, a crowd gathered in the early morning to send the ship off.

The huge vessel left the Philadelphia Navy Yard before dawn, escorted by tugboats, Defense News reported. It is to be towed to Brownsville, Texas.

USS Forrestal was the most advanced ship of its kind when it debuted. All Star Metals of Brownsville was paid a penny to tow the vessel from Philadelphia to the facility in Texas. It will take the 60-year old vessel about 18 days to make the trip.

20 years ago the U.S. Navy decided to scrap the vessel. Efforts were made to preserve the ship intact including a petition to dock it permanently intact in Pensacola, Fl.

The USS Forrestal was built and launched from Newport News, Virginia. While on duty in 1967 off the waters of Vietnam the ship was subject to a horrific fire killing 134.

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