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USPS Holiday shipping deadlines for Christmas: don't miss these important dates

Get it there on time!
Get it there on time!

The start of the holiday shopping frenzy has begun, and delightfully online purchases are expected to be full force again this year.  Online shopping offers buyers the ease and convenience of shopping from home and saving time and hours drifting through the mall.

As an online seller, you have a very important role in making their holidays wishes come true.  You are the shipper, the all important delivery mechanism for the items they ordered to make it to them in time for the Christmas holiday.

The United States Postal Service has announced their holiday mailing deadlines for this 2009 Holiday Season.  You'll want to be sure to take notice of these dates so you don't over promise a holiday delivery.

These dates are the last allowable by the USPS to insure Christmas delivery:

Dec 16, 2009:  US Parcel Post items

Dec 21, 2009:  First Class and Priority Mail

Dec 23, 2009:  USPS Express Mail

Happy selling to you all, and don't forget to dazzle your buyers by shipping quickly! 

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