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USPS asks dog owners to restrain pets during mail delivery

A postal service van makes mail deliveries in the neighborhood
A postal service van makes mail deliveries in the neighborhood

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has circulated leaflets that asked millions of residents across the country to restrain their dogs as a means to help letter carriers from effectively doing their jobs.

The USPS is requesting millions of dog owners to make sure that their pets are restrained during delivery hours. Otherwise, there will be some constraints because the letter carriers will not be able to deliver the mails to supposed addressees whose dogs are on the loose. "If the the dog is roaming loose, letter carriers are instructed to curtail mail delivery, get into their vehicle and leave the neighborhood," the USPS said.

What are the repercussions if the dogs on the loose attack letter carriers as what happened in many circumstances in the past? The answer would be that the mail delivery on a particular address where the dog attack happened, will be suspended for a while, pending rental of a Post Office Box or installation of a curbside mail box. Besides, the irresponsible dog owners will be financially liable.

Therefore, the USPS is calling on all dog owners in the country to be responsible enough when letter carriers are present in their neighborhood. The following must be done to avoid dog attacks: 1) Never let your dog roam loose; 2) Don't take mail from your carrier in front of your dog; 3) If your letter carrier comes to your door, put your dog in another room and close the door before interacting with your letter carrier; 4) Make sure your children obey the rules about keeping your pet restrained; 5) If you see a dog roaming loose in your neighborhood call animal control or the police; 6) Under certain circumstances, any dog will bite. Please prevent your pet from biting the hand that serves you.