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Using Your Smart Phone

Today we are going to cover a subject we have not covered before. In many parts of the world where computers are not as common as in the U.S. such as Japan the telephone is the computer of choice. Now of course there are limitations but for the most part the smart phone you probably have in your pocket now comes in very handy. In the united states smart phones account for about 40% of all phones according to Nielsen ( ). In many countries this number is lower but is growing.
It does not matter whether you have an Android, Iphone, windows 8, or one of the other phones on the market. Most phones have similar software that can do similar things. You can get a prepaid smart phone that will meet the needs of those on a budget at independent phone stores and even some department stores(Walmart for example). Although the smart phone has been around a while(1992,IBM,Simon) They did not start off big time till the apple Iphone appeared (2007)
In the 79 The Sony Walkman started appearing everywhere. In the eighties the knock offs started appearing. The apple Ipod for the most part displaced most of these and portable media was everywhere. Now you can use your smart phone as your portable media player. Space is more limited so you have to be more choosey as to what music and now netcasts you want to carry. If you have a phone with an SD card the storage memory can be increased.
If you have a car with a built in navigation system this is very convenient but these systems are expensive to update and the user interface can be clunky to navigate. You can get an on dash system at the local electronics department store which is nicer but similar in the user interface and updating. Smart phones come with this function built in and usually there are different options available to chose from. These are easier to update and many times easier to use. Are you on a very limited data plan from the phone company? You most likely will be able to download maps for the area you are going to be visiting and then you can till get turn by turn directions to where you need to go and just use the phone built in GPS function.
What if you just need to fill some down time. Perhaps you are waiting in the parking lot for your significant other. What do you do when you are on the bus, train, or airplane. You could listen to music on your phone but if you are going to be in transit a long time like on the bus or plane this will get old fast. You can download a book(reading or audible book)before you get on the transportation. Just remember not to turn the audio too loud. I have known many people who in their 50's are now wearing hearing aids because they cranked up their vibes in their youth.
These wonder phones were originally used in business. These are great for setting up a calendar reminders of meetings, birthdays, reminders(do not forget little Johnie’s ballgame) and keeping track of business contacts. If you want to go over the meeting report and you forget them you can download the PDFs from the cloud and have the command of facts fresh on your mind. This will impress the others even if they can do the same thing but just did not do this because it did not occur to them. In most phones you can get a virtual secretary and it always impresses the boss if you say Erica, remind me of a meeting for next Thursday at 2:00 pm with Bob in accounting.
These are just a few of the wonderful ways to use the smart phone but it is a very good start. Just remember to set the phone to silent when you are in meetings, funerals, or anywhere else the ringer would be inappropriate. You can usually get software to do this automatically.

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